We are Double Affiliation Limited

Our mission is to fundamentally change the way brands approach marketing …To help brands maximize their profitability through transparent, genuine relationships that create real connections with consumers – and which are measured in outcomes.

As the recognized leader in partnership marketing, we are positioned to help you build connections and drive exceptional outcomes with a program that is designed to be both sustainable and scalable

Why the Industry is Moving to Outcomes

Marketing portfolio diversification will be critical in the near future, especially as current dominant marketing channels (e.g., Facebook, Amazon, and Google) offer decreasing returns on increasing investment. 

Partnership marketing offers brands an alternative to these overpriced marketing channels. Key partnership marketing tactics – including traditional affiliate, influencer, content, mass media, and B2B partnership marketing – offer a scalable, profitable, and sustainable channel that allows companies to pay for marketing outcomes, not inputs.

Our Company - Double Affiliation Limited

Our Core Values Drive
Everything We Do

We believe that accelerating growth requires that we all lean into our tried-and-true values. We embrace relationships. We own our work and expect accountability from partners, teams, and clients. We never stop learning and growing – we strive to excel and improve, and to raise the bar for the industry.


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